Aluminum Gantry cranes are convenient and affordable to use in a variety of operations like the automotive industry or in the military. They assemble and disassemble quickly so they can be used by contractors wherever and whenever they need to lift heavy equipment into service trucks. One or two workers is all it takes to assemble or take apart a crane.

aluminum gantry crane
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They can be moved up stairways, on roofs and other places where it is difficult to get to. They can move engines, HVAC units and more and put these items into precise place so that installation and repair work are made easier on the workers.

The aluminum makes them durable but lightweight. They are resistant to corrosion and can function in controlled environments. They are becoming increasingly popular in the HVAC industry because of this. Buying an aluminum gantry crane is easy. Visit quality manufacturers online to choose one that meets your specifications.

Once you receive the crane, it will need to be assembled. Follow the directions that come with the product and then start making your business even more productive than it already is with the convenience of the crane.

Of course, you must make sure that everyone using the crane adheres to the proper manner in which to operate them. Here are the basic steps for operating an aluminum gantry crane safely.

Common sense will dictate most of these suggestions but there are always circumstances in construction or in the manufacturing industry where they may temporarily be forgotten due to emergent needs. One thing you must remember is that a gantry crane cannot be used to lift or support humans. Before using it, inspect the unit to be sure no parts are broken or missing.

When the gantry must be moved with the load, keep the load as close to the floor as you can. Make sure the load remains at the center of the I-beam to keep it balanced. Any obstacles that impede lifting the load should be removed from the floor and it should not be attached to the floor in any way before moving it.

aluminum gantry crane
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Make sure to secure the trolley and the hoist to the center of the I-beam when you adjust the height. Before you adjust the height make sure no one has put a load onto the gantry. Never adjust the height with a load on it and never lift more than the rating indicated on the side of the I-beam.

Never push or pull the gantry using a forklift. When moving it, push the gantry and not the load.

Aluminum cranes work in many industries and are more convenient to operate than heavy steel gantry cranes. They are light, easy to put together and take apart, they are mobile, and they are affordable. You can easily transport your crane from one area of the warehouse or factory to another or bring it from one part of a construction site to another. Always use your crane properly, and you will get the most out of it.